Beach Chair CustomizedBeach Chair

Beach Chair Customized with your brand

Sungap is a leading manufacturer of beach chairs

Resistance and flexibility are some of the points that our beach chairs can offer.

New options for publicizing your brand. A more ecological line, the wooden chair has its way of worrying about nature without harming it, being made of reforestation wood, bringing a lot of leisure and comfort.


Up to 12x without interest


We ship to all countries


Pioneering spirit and tradition

Custom Beach Chair

Discover our variety of beach chairs and loungers, we have several color and model options.
  • Custom Beach Chair
  • Custom Beach Chair
  • Custom Beach Chair

Looking for Beach Chair, Umbrella, Parasol and Custom Umbrella?

Contact us, we guarantee the best cost and quality on the market.


Sungap is a company of the Oplin Group, leader in the manufacture of Sunshades, Umbrellas and Beach Chairs.

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